Jim Vathauer
Kansas House of
64th District
JV Headshot


Thank you for visiting my campaign site.  During the current period of limited social gatherings, I hope you find this useful as you make a decision on whom to vote for to represent the 64th District in Topeka.

Independent, Republican, or Democrat - I plan to work for solutions to Kansas problems that are middle of the road, and grounded in common sense and reality.

If elected, I will be pushing a pro-business, pro-education set of priorities that put people first, and prepare younger Kansans for the challenges of tomorrow.

Please take a moment to review the various issues, if I can answer further questions please contact me through a method most convenient for you.

The State of Kansas and 64th  District need someone committed to the needs of the people, not the lobbyists and special interests pushing a one-sided agenda.  I hope you will agree with my stance on the various issues facing our state today, and that I can count on your support when voting on November 3, 2020.